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FATHER, 10th year


"If God is almighty, He has the ability to take possession of a human form for the sake of the rest of the human forms on this planet. Those who say, 'He is almighty' and disregard His ability to work on the human plane are definitely moronic. But God is bliss. He doesn't care for the might, he cares for the bliss. So why can't you get God so easily? Because you have preconceived ideas impressed upon your cerebrum by your predecessors. Now the brain has to be washed out of the squalor of the predecessors impressions. They were engaged in monkey business. But we are seeing it without rancor, for if our predecessors had not been doing these things, we would have done it; until such business was totally achieved on this planet, divinity could not have appeared--it must always become totally dark before the dawn.

"So as you grew up you got covered up. You never had a second to think about God. That is the world as it had been. Now as your mind becomes vacant you begin to listen to me, and that is much better than when you hear me through your ears."

FATHER, 10th year

Intro by Hari Meyers

    The Bengali sage and teacher Ciranjiva Roy (born in Varanasi Dec. 11, 1913, left his body in attainment of mahasamadhi, San Francisco, March 22, 1981) was fully awakened at the midnight hour of June 14-15, 1966. He entered a trance state that lasted more than 3 terrestrial months, in which all pre-existing knowledge was synthesized and he was given a vision of the conscious evolution of humanity into the next 164,000 years, a period comprising a new age named Siva Kalpa, "the period of Lord Siva's omnipotent imagination." He was able to communicate the vision beginning September 19th, 1966 (from which the new year of the first year of Siva Kalpa is reckoned) and did so continuously, sometimes for days on end without sleeping, until the above mentioned passing of his form at which time the communication returned to its supra-physical methods.

    Ciranjiva lived with his family in utter poverty in the village of Gorkhara, district 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India. Towards the end of October, 1968, a spiritual summit conference, sponsored by the Temple of Understanding, based in Washington D.C., was held in Calcutta. The conference was attended by Pir Vilayat Khan, Sri Chinmayananda, Thomas Merton and other recognized spiritual adepts of the day. It's proceedings were interrupted one afternoon by the appearance of a white bearded beggar who humbly asked to address the conference. This was Ciranjiva Roy. He was told that the agenda was full and answered that it was all right as he had "other ways by which he could communicate." Several California delegates to the conference were intrigued with the beggar and followed him to his village and began to absorb his revelations of the new period of time. Many westerners followed and Ciranjiva and his family moved to larger quarters in the village. In August of 1969 Ciranjiva was brought by his devotees to San Francisco, California, and in May of 1971 the rest of his family migrated there.

    Ciranjiva was tireless in his communication of Truth, Knowledge, Power and Love. His every thought, speech and action exemplified the consciousness of a supreme yogi committed to the highest spiritual truths and unattached to the results or fruits of his actions. The form of divinity that spoke and acted through him, he insisted, was Lord Siva Himself. His methods were most unorthodox. With the exception of the short document entitled Siva Kalpa he left no writings. Most devotees were drawn to him by the compelling nature of his words and loving personality. Many hundreds of people around the planet knew him personally. No one learned of him via media nor subscribed to any courses taught by his followers. No money was ever charged for his teachings. Everyone who knew him felt like a member of his own family and indeed referred to Ciranjiva as "Father." He drew to him mostly those counter-cultural youth known as "hippies", whom he saw as the apprehensive children of the atomic age and whom he constantly reassured. A prime message of his is that we are actually gods and goddesses who have fallen asleep into a mortal dream and that the ignorant nightmare of our times will force our reawakening to our true divine and immortal nature. His main mantra is "Bom Shankar Bholenath" which he translates as "Wake up my Self-oblivious gods and goddesses."

    The pages of this web site are dedicated to giving expression to the thought, speech and action of Siva still being constantly broadcast to those aspirants sensitive to supra-physical communication "beyond the conceptual opposites of existence or non-existence of Ciranjiva."


Born of the prayers of a suffering humanity, The Foundation of Revelation is the most unique organization in a world of crumbling institutions. That this is, as yet, an unrecognized fact by the population at large, is a testament to the darkness still upon us. That few of The Foundation's members cognize its full significance, is a further indication of the newness of the Age of Light; the dawning Sun of Truth has barely cleared the horizon. So let us use the language we are just learning, to speak of the most potent socio-spiritual force ever assembled on Earth. This communication is our most important service to the world, outside of our personal lives as examples of Truth in action.

The Foundation is the prototype of enduring, purposeful social structure. To the careful observer, devoid of preconceptions about how things should be, The Foundation is the most dramatic and profound example of Absolute Knowledge in material application. To one who is impressed by superficialities and formalities, the workings of The Foundation are painful and confusing, for there is no reward but pain and confusion for those who would judge God’s most subtle creation by conventional standards.

Materially, quantitatively, numerically, the development of The Foundation appears slow. This illusion is based on old ways of thinking -- thinking which leads to death. While other organizations have focused upon the accumulation of capital and large numbers of followers, The Foundation has concerned itself with personal and interpersonal evolution, growing through the rich, vital path of strong relationships. Such a formation does not erode over time.

Formal positions within The Foundation emerge through and because of personalities -- serving on the merit of their natural propensities: positions were not created first, and an attempt made to fill them later. And as evolution progresses, individuals become more and more interchangeable in their functions.

When the unwieldy and ill-founded organizations of Mortal Man have all fallen, The Foundation will remain as the Fountainhead of tomorrow's civilization. Eleven years of interpersonal evolution may not have produced a conventional empire, but what HAS been formed is the firm foundation for a future world unity -- the Family of Immortal Man.

Time, rather than the arbitrary planning, is permitted to guide The Foundation. This is accomplished by the fundamental, single rule of the organization: FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS, not the decrees of an external "authority". Feelings are the intuitive faculty which puts one in touch with the HIGHEST authority, GOD.

So, what appears as indecision or inconsistency to compulsive mentalities is, in reality, the operation of the continuing process of evolution to which The Foundation must respond by adjusting its course constantly on the basis of the intuition of the moment. This is the only path of survival -- doing what NOW feels right, not what one should do on the basis of yesterday's incomplete realization. This flexibility, this dynamic fluidity allows publications to emerge when ripe, as only TIME can reveal through individual feelings. That which is communicated through such a process TENDS TO BE UNDERSTOOD.

As more and more individuals recognize and get into honest, immediate response to the truth of their feelings, the Magic begins to happen: the group Mind begins to be visibly manifest. We are at the beginning of this outward manifestation of what was not so apparent over the last thirteen years. When we have realized ourselves sufficiently as one Mind, as the One Mental Being (there is only one!), then we cease to feel existence as a continual pressure which robs us of vitality -- for we then work in unison, doing GOD'S will, and not the out-of-time work of individual wills who think they are laboring toward the same goals and wonder why they exhaust themselves.

So Group Mind is achieved by each individual's surrender of his mind to his own heart. Then he moves according to the Universal pulse of Life.

It is upon the association of such individuals that Revelation is Founded. Such a Foundation is the basis for the re-ordering of life on planet Earth -- the transmutation of human to Divine.


“Of TIME and THE FOUNDATION,” Om The Light is Yours, Volume II, Number 3-4,
December-January, 13th Year Siva Kalpa (1978-1979), p. 16.



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